Yellow roses

Dutch still life - how would it look today, in the 21st century? In response to this question, I wanted not to just add modern items to the production –"Chupa Chups" and "Coca Cola". I wanted to find a new aesthetic, leaving, as in the classics of the genre, only flowers and fruits. In my research, I turned to the world experience of designers-florists. I was inspired to create this work by the Lisa Cooper's floral composition.

To enhance the visual effect, I embodied it with materials that have the most tactile sensation – pastels and velvets. The black velvet background absorbs light and creates an additional deepness of space. And the texture of velvet, combined with pastels, approaches the texture of living colors, creating an effect of hyperrealit, making them almost tangible.

When creating the picture, high-quality art materials were used:
Pastel Schmincke and Sennelier, velvet cardboard Italy.

Artwork is decorated in a wooden baguette and carefully packed for transportation. After receiving the picture, it is necessary to protect it with glass. To preserve the perception, we recommend using museum anti-reflective glass. When making a design, we recommend creating an air layer between the surface of the drawing and the glass. To do this, you can use the products of FrameTek (econospace) or similar.

Proper design will keep the colors clean and bright for hundreds of years.

Video about the picture
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